Below are some of the most common questions that Sugar Love gets about the chocolates and ordering online. If you don't see the answer you're seeking, feel free to reach out at

Are the chocolates gluten free?

As of right now, all recipes are gluten free, though future recipes may have some gluten in them. At that point, we'd be sure to mark it as having gluten.

Are the chocolates vegan?

Currently we have a small sampling of vegan chocolates. The Coconut truffle, the Roasted Pecan Gianduja and the dark chocolate nut clusters are vegan options. I'm working on adding more soon - I've got too many vegan friends to leave them out!

Are the chocolates peanut free?

While none of the truffles call for peanuts in their recipes, the equipment is shared and peanut oil is known to transfer easily from food to food. I would caution anyone with a severe peanut allergy to not indulge in Sugar Love Chocolates.

Why is shipping so expensive?

Because of heat! As I'm sure you're aware, heat does great damage to pretty little chocolates and so we have to take precautions against heat while in transit. Between the months of May and September, shipping and packaging includes: gel refrigerants, styrofoam insulation cooler, actual cardboard packaging and two-day shipping. During the cooler months, shipping expenses are reduced as the level of protection isn't required.

When do you ship products out?

To make sure your goodies aren't sitting in a post office somewhere, possibly melting, we ship out Monday through Wednesday to across the United States. Thursdays we will ship to certain west coast locations. During the cooler months (October through April), shipping will occur six days a week.