Drinking Chocolate

$ 10.00

Brand Sugar Love Chocolates

A blend of our French and Colombian chocolates for your drinking chocolate enjoyment. Heat cream or milk in a pot over low heat, add one part chocolate mix to two parts cream and stir with the impossibly small whisk. The last step is to enjoy with a good book or with the sunrise!

What's the difference between hot cocoa and drinking chocolate? Hot cocoa is the pressed powder of chocolate (the cocoa solids) that then has other ingredients like sugar and dairy powders added to the mix. This is why you can often make it with just water. Drinking chocolate is the full chocolate experience with includes the full cocoa bean (both cocoa solids and cocoa butter). There's no dairy added to the product which is why you have to make it with cream or milk. It's very rich, so a serving is smaller than with a traditional hot chocolate.

Adding a dash of pasilla nergo or coffee liquor can change the drink dramatically. I think I've tried just about every spice in my kitchen cabinet in the drinking chocolate at some point.

INGREDIENTS: cocoa beans (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter), sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla