Sugar Love Chocolates is now proud to offer recurring orders for our online customers! Recurring orders let you set up orders every one, two or three weeks, months or years. This way you could purchase a gift to be sent to mom every month, or maybe put in a special person’s birthday in so you’ll never forget again. Or heck, treat yourself since you deserve it!

You’re able to set up recurring orders on all of our standard packaging and items. And the best part? You get a discount on the chocolates for setting up the recurring order! Standard shipping costs apply.

So create your own chocolate-of-the-month club today! Or set it for a few days before her birthday every year so you will look like the thoughtful person you want to be (if it weren’t for that fast and hectic life/work balance thing you’re trying to maintain!). Again these can be set up to be picked up at the store so they’re ready and waiting for you, delivered to your door or shipped to your loved one’s address.

Start selecting your recurring orders today!