Wondering what the chocolates taste like but licking your screen isn't working? Well I've tried my best to describe the flavors here for you. Though I guess your monitor might still need cleaning...


French 56% Dark Chocolate Truffle

A smooth blend of the berry-forward French dark chocolate. Simple perfection. Dark chocolate, cream, butter, agave syrup and a splash of vanilla. (Known to dress up in seasonal decorations)



As American as apple pie. This treat combines dried apples from Michigan with cinnamon, vanilla, butter, agave syrup and cream, encased in the soft flavor of white chocolate.

Bananas Foster

A traditional European creamy caramel is finished with freshly pureed bananas and banana liqueur. Because of the high heat when these are added you get the flavor of the flambee that makes bananas foster so special. Inspired by the 2015 Fantasies in Chocolate theme of Bohemian Circus.


Coconut meat is cooked in coconut milk and agave syrup for one portion of this two-part treat. The rest is a dark chocolate ganache made with coconut milk and vanilla. Just the right amount of coconut flavor to decadent dark chocolate.

Cherry Black Pepper

Three types of cherries are combined to impart the full profile of this dark fruit. Dried and preserved cherries are combined with a German cherry liquor. The spice of the freshly cracked pepper turns what could be a cloyingly sweet creation into a wonderfully deep flavor.


Grand Marnier is blended with cream and milk chocolate and then encased in dark chocolate. A decadent choice no matter what your drink is for the night.

Earl Grey Tea

A subtle flavor for sophisticated palates, maybe you’re entertaining the Queen? A loose leaf Earl Grey tea is steeped into cream. This cream is mixed with our French dark chocolate. Bringing together the two old world powers? Yes, we’d like to think so.

Himalayan Pink Salted Caramel

A traditional American caramel is coated in dark chocolate and then dusted with crushed Himalayan pink salt. The perfect balance of salty and sweet flavor. Why Himalayan salt? The soft salt flavor is better balanced against the sweet caramel, and is less pungent than the sea salt varieties.


A bright sunny flavor combining lemon juice with Limoncello for an adult version of summer. Mixed with white chocolate to soothe tart flavors and encased in dark chocolate for depth of flavor. A favorite among many Sugar Love fans.

Milk Chocolate Caramel

Our popular slow cooked caramel is then hand dipped in our Belgian milk chocolate. A classic for a reason!

Milk Chocolate Truffle

Love good chocolate but aren't sure about dark chocolate? Then this Belgian milk chocolate truffle is for you. And for those of you turning your noses up at the idea of milk chocolate, wait until you taste this smooth and almost honeyed milk chocolate! (Known to dress up in seasonal decorations)


Ground coffee beans are steeped in cream and a splash of coffee liqueur is added for a deep coffee flavor. The nutty flavor of coffee is paired well with the dark chocolate ganache. A classic.


Fresh mint, lime juice and a spiced rum are combined in this fun treat. The white chocolate ganache pairs well with this flavor profile.

Peruvian Golden Berry

Imported dried Peruvian golden berries are pureed into a dark chocolate ganache. What does a Peruvian golden berry taste like? Like magic! It's both a dark and rich jammy flavor and a bright, tart almost grapefruit like flavor. Two intense flavors in one bite.

Port Wine

The dark syrup flavor of a well-aged port is married with its partner-in-crime, dark chocolate. A splash of cream, butter, agave syrup and a hint of vanilla round out this one-two punch.

Roasted Pecan Gianduja

Roasted pecans are puréed with dark chocolate to create a creamy and toasted center. Maple syrup and vanilla round out this creation.

Roasted Pistachio Gianduja

Roasted pistachios are puréed in this recipe with their creamy white chocolate counterpart. The tender sweetness of the pistachios shines in this recipe. Fun fact: this recipe was created to pair well with Imbib Brewery's slightly sour Berliner Weisse beer.

Scotch Truffle

Laphroaig 10 year old scotch is mixed into a velvety dark chocolate ganache. If you love your scotch neat and peaty - this truffle will soon be your go-to!

Strawberry Balsamic

Strawberries are simmered until they start to sugar and break apart. Then a dash of balsamic vinegar is added to make the fruit pop among the white chocolate, butter and cream. Perfect for summer

Urfa Biber

Urfa Biber is a Turkish chile that is dried during the day and covered to sweat at night. It creates a rich beautiful and mild heat. 

Colombian 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle

This beautiful dark chocolate comes from Colombia and can change flavors slightly depending on the harvest. This year has lots of red fruit flavors as well as a hint of a citrus fruit.

Local Honey

Using a local honey, we blend it into our Belgian milk chocolate for a softly sweet flavor. 

Raspberry Rose

Fresh raspberries are cooked down and blended into a white chocolate ganache. Then we add just a splash of high quality rose water. A surprisingly perfect combination!

Yuzu Sake Truffle

Yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit similar to a lemon flavor, mized with sake in a white chocolate ganache. This flavor is both refreshing, sweet and creamy. A new favorite among the staff!

New and monthly flavors are added all the time. Make sure to check our blog, Facebook or Instagram feeds to see what's new!